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Often described as extreme snorkeling, freedivers enter the ocean on their own terms.

helenfree2In a nutshell, freediving is an aquatic sport, where divers attempt to reach great depths unassisted by any breathing apparatus.

Be it for recreational or for competitive reasons, it is imperative that you consider taking a course to learn the physiological phenomenon that occurs when we enter below the surface of the water.

helenfree3The underwater world is exciting and peaceful and magical, but it is also incredibly dangerous if you do not know the signs and learn to stay safe in the watery world below.

Freediving is actually a very ancient activity, finding its place in the history books for the gathering of food, military application and salvage.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s famous rivalry between the French freediver Jacques Mayol and Italian Enzo Maiorca, and the subsequent cult classic movie THE BIG BLUE that freediving really came into our homes and lives.

Since then Freediving has seen a huge growth and is seen as the fastest growing sport in the world.

Personally, I feel most at home in water. I love to share my love for freediving and the biggest threat to our divers I believe is lack of knowledge and safety when diving. It is my goal to try to reach as many aquatic people as possible to share the fascinating knowledge of the magic that occurs in the body when we submerge… in the hopes that we can create bigger awareness of safety and responsibility in the water.

Whether you are a yogi looking to test your boundaries and your potential, or a spearfisherman wanting to become safer and more economic and efficient in your diving. Or if you are just a water person, surfing or swimming, there is a course for you.

I offer One Day Pool Freediver courses throughout the year where we work very specifically on breath hold training (static apnea) and various finning technique to make the diver become more efficient in their techniques.

I also offer weekend freedive trips to Sodwana, but due to my attempts to find balance in all that I juggle, these weekends are fewer and further between J Please keep checking the website for course updates



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